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Nutritional Information

Pure Maple Syrup is a naturally organic food made entirely from the sap of sugar maple trees. The sap provides the water and nutrients used by the trees to sustain growth. It contains natural sugar and many vitamins and minerals. In the boiling, concentrating, and filtering processes, all of the nutrients remain in the syrup. Maple Syrup is a good source of Potassium, Calcium, and Magnesium, and contains fewer calories per serving that brown sugar, corn syrup, or honey.



There are no additives or preservatives in pure Maple Syrup, therefore it must be refrigerated after opening. If purchasing a large container, we suggest you keep a bottle in the refrigerator for day-to-day use and store the remainder in the freezer. Thaw frozen maple syrup and gently shake to mix before using. Re-freezing and re-thawing are not harmful.

Glass Containers


Our award-winning, number one medium McCutcheon's Maple Syrup is available in glass containers ranging in size from an American gallon (3.8L) to 250mL.  


Larger sizers are great for families with many hungry tummies who like to stock up for the season, or those who use  maple syrup regularly on things like pancakes, french toast, in coffee or smoothies, or on oatmeal and yogurt.  Glass containers can be safely kept in the freezer, as maple syrup does not freeze solid due to it's high sugar content.


Smaller sizes are great for those who lack storage space, and are also a great gift option for your next housewarming, your favourite teacher, or anyone whose day deserves a little sweetening.

Plastic Containers


Our award-winning, number one medium McCutcheon's Maple Syrup is available in BPA-free plastic containers ranging from 4L to 250mL sizes.  


A great option for travelling or for shipping to those not fortunate enough to live where maple syrup is made.


The safest option if there is any concern of breakage.  Kid-friendly and clumsy-friendly. Very handy for camping too!

Maple Butter and Maple Sugar


Our delicious, creamy, award-winning Maple Butter is made entirely from McCutcheon's Maple Syrup. We boil our syrup further to a thick, toffee stage, and then cool and stir slowly for hours to create it's delicate texture. Must be kept refrigerated.


Maple Butter is most often used on toast, but can be used on anything you wish to spread with an extra-special touch of sweetness.


Our Maple Sugar candy is also made 100% from our Maple Syrup with no other ingredients, and is a delicious, natural treat.

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