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McCutcheon's Maple Syrup is a small family-run farm located in the picturesque hills of Oro-Medonte, Ontario.  Ken McCutcheon began working the farm in 1972 when his parents moved to the area from Scarborough, initially tapping 500 maple trees with buckets.  He married Rene in 1976 and they have been making sweet maple magic ever since.  Son Jesse and daughter Carley grew up on the farm, and remain actively involved in the family business, and now Jesse's wife Colette helps as well.  The whole family works together to tap approximately 6000 trees and sap is collected via approximately 30kms of tubing.  It takes an average of 40 litres of raw sap to make one litre of Maple Syrup, and every producer's process is slightly different. Ken has designed and used many unique  syrup-making systems throughout the evolution of the industry. The sap must be boiled immediately to make syrup with the best flavour, and the work often goes long into the night as the evaporators require constant attention.

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