Producing high quality maple syrup is an inspiring art that is learned only through extensive practice. McCutcheon's Maple Syrup has been committed to perfecting this Canadian tradition since 1972. Our products have earned numerous first place ribbons at The Royal Winter Fair in Toronto - Canada's premier maple competition - and we have twice been awarded the World Championship trophy. We believe you will agree that our Canada No. 1 Medium has world-class flavour.
The Sugaring Process
It takes an average of 40 litres of raw sap to make one litre of Maple Syrup, and every producer uses a different process. Ken has designed and used many unique  syrup-making systems throughout the evolution of the industry.The traditional wood-fired evaporator gave rise to a sawdust-fueled system, which became  impractical as the lumber industry changed. Our current system uses high- pressure steam to boil the sap. This allows us to boil at a lower temperature than conventional systems, and thus protect the delicate flavours in the syrup. Most recently, the latest in reverse osmosis technology, which reduces the environmental impact of modern-day sugarmaking, has been incorporated. The sap must be boiled immediately to make syrup with the best flavour, and the work often goes long into the night as the evaporators require constant attention.